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When Landscape Architecture Meets Textile Art: The Von Haus Collection

In France, an atelier is a workshop, but for landscape architect-turned-textile designer Stephen Haus, it defines a place—or rather the Place, a premier design store on School Street with housewares and a quaint garden where Haus will showcase his textiles and pattern designs on October 5th during Hawaii Fashion Month (HFM). In addition to this exhibition of both his fashion and architecture work, Haus is a featured HFM designer in the Nordstrom Celebrates HFM designer display, opening on Oct. 1 at Nordstrom Ala Moana. We spoke with Haus about what inspires him, and how his two passions came to intersect.

HFM: What can attendees expect from the event at Place? 

Haus: My textile patterns for fashion have morphed into stained glass, fine art prints, ceramic tile, and light fixtures. Models will be wrapped in my fabric, cat women will be prowling, and almost everything will be for sale, including my “Goddesses of Hawaii” calendar of fashion photography.

You are both a landscape architect as well as a textile designer. Which career came first? How did you get started in each field, and how did one evolve into the other?

The Japanese garden was my original inspiration for combining art with nature in landscape design. Each place I’ve lived has inspired me to explore new mediums. In Rome I experimented with collage and landscape photography, in Kyoto I had fun with Sumi-e [black ink painting], and in Hawaii I started textile design.

Your textiles are inspired by Hawaii’s flora and fauna. Could you elaborate on your inspiration (e.g. particular flowers, plants, colors, etc.)?

My textile designs are inspired by the jewel tones of the octopus garden under the sea, and by Gustav Klimt.

Is the event at Place open to the public? Do people need to pay and/or RSVP? 

My Place Gallery event will be free. I think all education should be free. All art and knowledge will eventually be online, with events like this for the artist/designer to meet his audience.

For those who wish to be designers one day, what would be your advice to them? 

Follow your passion. Be self-reliant. Think globally but act locally. Give back. Remember to be here now. Take a hike.

Von Haus Collection 2014 @ Place, 40 S. School St., Sat., Oct. 5, 5:30–8:30pm, free. placehawaii.com, stephenhaus.com.

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