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To promote Hawai‘i as a fashion destination and strengthen the local industry.


All stakeholders in the support and growth of Hawaii’s fashion industry, from enthusiasts to professionals.


A month-long calendar of events to promote and elevate all aspects of Hawaii’s fashion industry: design, manufacturing, education, art, retail, and more.


Retail centers, boutiques, ateliers, factories, museums, galleries, theaters, schools & eateries throughout the State.


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The month of November, every year


  • As a first time event, Hawaii Fashion Month was an outstanding success! It is fabulous that the State of Hawaii and various industry partners see and support the critical need to broaden our economic base. The fashion industry has many opportunities for start-ups with minimal capitalization to grow and become a national and international presence. Jams World started in this manner, self-made and Made in Hawaii, and we are now celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. We will continue to actively support Hawaii Fashion Month!

    Mark T. Tsuda, CEO, Surf Line Hawaii, Ltd. (Jams World)

  • Hifi did an outstanding job of marketing and promoting HFM, reaching out to and fostering collaboration between experienced professionals, up-and-coming designers and consumers from the fashion industry.

    Naomi Hazelton-Giambrone, Publisher & Owner, Element Media, Inc.

  • Someone had to wake up one morning years ago, wipe their eyes with a bright idea, “Hey! Let’s bring Hawaii’s fashion awareness back to the world stage. Let’s give it a fresh face, gather the islands' artists, fashion designers and volunteers then go to work!” In the end Hifi, HFM and OUTFIT designed, created and presented a Hawaiian World Class Fashion event from whole cloth. A Hawaiian success made rich with our “aloha spirit”. Photo credit: Eric Jordan

    Duke Boyd, Founder of Hang Ten, Lightning Bolt Sportswear and Duke Boyd "For the Love of Surfing"

  • We were proud to not only be one of your largest sponsors but also to host the kick‐off event and the two‐day OUTFIT tradeshow on our property. We were delighted with the attendance for both events and also with the exposure that the partnership brought to our brand.

    Bobbie Lau, General Manager, Ward Centers

  • Hawai‘i Fashion Month gives local stylists, designers and retailers the opportunity to showcase the multicultural talent within our state’s fashion and beauty industries. Hawai‘i styles and trends not only represent our island culture, but they also symbolize a dynamic melting pot of fashion with inspiration from all over the world.

    Paul Brown, Master Stylist

  • This exciting celebration reminds us that the Hawai‘i fashion industry is a mainstay of our state’s economy and one of Hawaii’s leading exports.

    We encourage the business community, Kama‘aina and visitor alike, to support HFM and the Hawai‘i fashion industry. Aloha attire has gained worldwide recognition as a symbol of Hawai‘i.

    Donald B.S. Kang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pomare, Ltd., parent company of Hilo Hattie

  • There’s a renewed sense that fashion can be a major part of Hawaii’s identity and economy now. We’ve got the right ingredients, such as an established industry base, emerging designers with a lot of talent that are proving themselves, access to Asian markets and an excited interest about Hawai‘i as a fashion destination.

    Melissa White

  • Buying and giving locally made products is an investment in our economy and keeps our hard earned dollars here in Hawaii.

    Neil Abercrombie

Photo & Styling Credits

Featured images by Eric Rhodes/MUSE Agenci, Dallas Nagata White, Travis Okimoto, and James Cave. Styling: JS Jose Santamaria Enterprises. HMU: MUSE Agenci, and Team Motives Hawaii. Models: Niche Models & Talent, and Hawaii Polynesian Models & Talent.