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We’ve Partnered With Luevo!

Staying true to our mission, HIFI is thrilled to announce a new partnership to support members. Canada-based Luevo is an innovative online pre-ordering platform that connects shoppers to fashion weeks across the globe.

Through Luevo, if someone sees your look on an HFM runway in November, say at Honolulu Fashion Week or Outfit 2014, they can reserve and purchase it immediately.

This is for designers who participate in HFM:

  • with samples from an upcoming collection, and little to no inventory
  • who wish to pre-sell new or limited edition designs
  • who wish to increase online exposure, sales, and national visibility

How does it work? 

  • Luevo coordinates directly with confirmed participants in HFM.  
  • The Luevo team will help you to set up an online profile and showcase your collection on their official HFM page
  • Luevo and HFM will market your products to consumers, both in Hawaii and internationally, who want the latest spring/summer ’15 looks.  
  • Designers set the minimum and maximum number of pre-orders for each product, and fulfill orders only when the minimum target is met.
  • Luevo retains 15 percent of sales, and the rest goes to you.

If you’re a Hawaii-based designer and interested in learning more, you’re invited to participate in a free webinar on September 13 from 10–11 a.m. HST. There is no obligation or commitment needed to participate. Sign up here.